Recently while chatting with some friends about the subject of food allergies and kids, I was surprised when one of them mentioned that his son’s school has started sectioning off the kids with food allergies into a separate classroom. Sadly, yes, you read that right – the food-allergic kids have their own classroom. He said the logic was that this prevented the other non-alergic (read “normal”) kids from having to limit which foods they take to school, so they can bring whatever they wanted. No one has to worry about peanut allergies, and can go back to PBJ sandwiches for example. Apparently the school felt this would help prevent kids from making fun of the allergic – kids (who made food an issue for the non-allergy kids).

REALLY? Do we really think that by separating our kids we’re preventing them from being made fun of?  Quite simply,  it goes to show how important it is to help understand how we can make our allergic kiddos feel ‘normal’, regardless of their differences.

So, when a friend sent along a link to a book written by a set of Paleo parents trying to help others learn how to live a Paleo life with their children, I wanted to share it right away. I haven’t yet read the book, but I’ll follow up with a review after we read it. Until then, here’s a description of the book below and a video clip you can watch as well. I hope this helps you navigate the complexities of a ‘different’ lifestyle choice for you and your family too!


Watch this brief video below from the creators of the book, and click the link below to head on over to Amazon to purchase it.

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Book Description

Don’t be fooled by the ever-increasing volume of processed gluten-free goodies on your grocery store shelf! In a world of mass manufactured food products, getting back to basics and cooking real food with and for your children is the most important thing you can do for your family’s health and well-being. It can be overwhelming when thinking about where to begin, but with tasty kid-approved recipes, lunch boxes and projects that will steer your child toward meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats, Eat Like a Dinosaur will help you make this positive shift.With an illustrated children’s story describing the paleo diet, and colorful, mouthwatering photographs of recipes without grains, dairy, soy and refined sugar, this book is written for children. For those with food allergies, the top 8 allergens have been visually marked on each recipe for children to self-identify recipes that may contain eggs, nuts, fish, or shellfish.Parents needn’t panic! Details on the tools and products your family needs to get started have been provided, as well as an assortment of tips to help you along the way. Eat Like a Dinosaur will inspire your entire family to shop for new ingredients and get into the kitchen together. Let Matt and Stacy, the Paleo Parents, show you how to make the transformation in your family’s life. With positivity, practicality and an appreciation for the fact that even the healthiest children sometimes want cupcakes and chicken nuggets—this book simply provides healthier ways to give kids the foods they love.


To happy, healthy kids!