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Almond Flour Tortillas

Paleo, Gluten-free Almond Flour Tortillas

I love tortillas. I use them in place of bread, as a treat topped with almond butter and apples or bananas, or toasted with some ghee and garlic to make a pretty great garlic bread alternative. Paleo living means you get a little creative now and then And since I’ve tasted so many kinds, I can save you some time… Read more →

Paleo BBQ chicken meatballs

Paleo, Gluten-free BBQ Chicken Meatballs

If you’re following the Paleo diet, you know how important prepping your meals ahead of time is. Otherwise you find yourself coming home from work,  starving, and grabbing whatever you can find to eat instead of taking the time to make a healthy meal. That basically means we spend our Sunday afternoons prepping meals for the week, especially ones that… Read more →


Austin-based Ice Cream Lovers, Nadamoo! needs your votes!

Austin’s very own NadaMoo! is in the race for VegNews Magazine’s Veggie Awards in the Favorite Vegan Ice Cream Category, and since we’re big fans of theirs, I wanted to share the news. If you haven’t tried Nadamoo! you need to, and if you have you know they’re creamy, not overly sweet and rooted in goodness. They start with luscious, creamy coconut milk,… Read more →

Paleo Chocolate Chili

Cooking our way through “Well Fed”, the best Paleo Cookbook

In an experiment to get my husband to try the Paleo lifestyle, I picked up copy of Well Fed and left it on the counter. It sat there for a while, untouched. So I decided to make a grocery list using recipes from it, and then asked him for help with one of the meals for dinner that night. Surprisingly, that worked,… Read more →