Are you as excited by the movement to stop the photoshop craze as I am? I LOVE the idea that future young women may in fact have realistic and healthy role models to emulate when we stop obsessing about unnaturally skinny body types, and start embracing the beauty of our natural curves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first person to tell you how important a healthy lifestyle is, and I love my time spent at a yoga practice, or pilates class. Whatever your method of choice, I’m a big fan of just moving. But I’m also a huge fan of embracing and accepting our bodies as they are. Just as they are.

Easier said than done for so many of us, but truthfully the key to inner peace, confidence and true happiness is the moment you stop fighting your curves, and start accepting them.

Lauren Wade at TakePart re-imagined famous classic paintings to fit today’s “standards” by Photoshopping the subjects in the paintings to look like magazine cover models. That basically means impossibly skinny waists, thinner arms and basically no joy of fat whatsoever.  And of course, women should still have bigger breasts somehow. It’s quite embarrassing to see how starved our definition of beauty is.

You can see more of her clever comparisons of the past and present here.

Below is Titian’s Danae with Eros from 1544.

Titian's Danae with Eros






Raphael's Three Graces












Botticelli’s Birth of Venus from 1486 is above while Raphael’s Three Graces (1504-1505) lies below.

Raphael's Three Graces









So I’m curious… what do you think about the idea of stopping the photoshop craze? Can we all join together and make an impact to encourage magazines to stop the craziness?

Shine brightly, my lovely readers!