Those who know me have heard me say many times over the last couple of years how powerful nutrition is. That’s for a simple fact; changing my diet changed my life. Yes, I had to use other nutritional supplements to help get my body back on the right track, and I don’t believe I could have healed without their help too, but the bottom line is food is powerful stuff. I’ve read reports of people healing from various auto-immune diseases by changing their diets to remove the harmful chemicals we eat (unknowingly) daily, and by removing foods which our bodies just aren’t programmed to digest (hence why I follow the Primal/Paleo lifestyle).  I can speak for myself and say that by removing all grains and dairy, I have changed my health. I have more energy, less physical ailments (from digestion to heartburn, painful cramping, headaches, fatigue, nausea, mood swings, etc) and whenever I cheat, I pay for it. Quickly. 

It’s not an easy diet for most, and I understand completely. I live it everyday, so I get it. But for the first time in years, I’m able to connect with life in a way I haven’t been able to for as long as I can remember. And it feels good to feel good 🙂

Here’s a video that a friend shared with me recently. It raises a lot of concerns about the few remaining grains I still let my son eat (namely corn) and I’ve definitely reduced his corn consumption while I research this more. Until then, have a look at Robin O’brien here; she’s as likely to be heading down this food crusade as I am (we both similarly grew up on the USDA recommended daily allowances of 6-7 starches/grains, and I can remember being so excited when my mom would sneak a hostess cake in my lunch box) but here she is, discovering some pretty terrifying facts about what the USDA allows us to eat, and what it means for our health. 

“In the absence of the truth, all of us stand helpless to defend ourselves, our families and our health, 
which is the greatest gift we have.   Robyn O’Brien’s courageous pursuit is an example of 
how we can all do our parts to protect the health of our families.” 
—Erin Brockovich

Turn your speakers up, and sit back for something that I’m sure will raise some questions over the next 20 minutes while you watch her speak here in Austin…

“Robyn O’Brien inspires us in THE UNHEALTHY TRUTH with the information that she has learned about our food supply and offers practical and affordable steps to take to protect the health of our families.” –Dr. Oz  

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