September brings a touch of Fall with football, cooler temps and  (around here) our first sweepstakes! 

I’ve chosen to launch with Red’s All Natural Burritos, a frozen burrito available in many grocery stores, and with an All Natural approach to life, these guys are packed with hormone-free ingredients that are not only good, but good for us too. 

rBGH free cheese? Check.  GMO free? Check. Hormone and Antibiotic free? Check. 

Contest starts September 10th and runs through September 30, 2012. So go ahead and follow the instructions below to enter. Good luck! 



Ever find yourself craving a tasty burrito packed with delicious, non GMO goodness that you can take on the go?

If not, you can stop reading now cuz this won’t interest you at all 🙂 If yes, then read on to learn more about Red’s All Natural – a delish, good-for-you and tasty on the go option found in most local grocer’s freezers.  Red’s Burritos are packed with NON GMO, 100% All Natural meats and fresh cheeses, frozen and shipped to grocers nationwide. They are a healthy and tasty option, though we can’t promote them as GF friendly (these guys are flour based) but they do offer a healthy alternative for our non GF friends and we can’t resist the urge to promote a good option when we find one. 

Offering vegetarian and meat based burritos, these tasty treats are a sure fire way to curb a craving when it hits. So be sure to check their site to find a grocer in your area carrying Red’s, and if you find yourself visiting their site, be sure to tell them we sent you!