Most of the time being gluten-free is relatively easy for me. I’ve been GF for almost 5 years now, and cut out my gluten cross-reactive foods more than 4 years ago, so I’d say I’m pretty good at navigating a safe gluten-free course every day. But since I’m a girl who likes to eat out, and am raising a gluten-free son who enjoys all the amazing foods Austin has to offer, I find myself eating out quite a bit.

One day while at dinner I was a little taken aback by what the waiter said when I asked about safe gluten-free ¬†options, so I started keeping a mental checklist of the really interesting comments I’ve heard. Since it’s a mental checklist these are a bit paraphrased, but you’ll get the idea. And for the record, I am super grateful for all the options we have when eating out and am not making fun of the effort anyone puts forth in providing us options (just trying to make light of a massive lifestyle change). So there, my disclaimer is out of the way, and on to my fave comments.

Top interesting comments I’ve heard about being gluten-free:¬†

1. Aren’t you worried that you’re missing out on all the nutrients that pasta and bread give you?

2. Aren’t you tired all the time from not eating carbs?

3. What do you EAT??

4. You know that it’s not normal for your body to be allergic to food right? I mean, it’s nourishment.

5. Yes, we have a gluten-freeish menu, but we’re not a gluten-free kitchen so if you’re going to die from a little crumbs I wouldn’t eat here.

6. No, we can’t help you. We offer nothing gluten-free. This place is packed with gluten.

7. Glutard.


Yep, life is much more interesting when living it gluten-free.

What are some of your favorite stories about being gluten-free?


As someone who is often a victim of gluten cross contamination, or having gluten sneak into something I was told was gluten-free, I can vouch for how miserable that can make the next few days of your life. So read on to learn more about how you can better prepare yourself so that restaurant outings are fun and delicious, rather than leaving you hanging out in the bathroom.

One of the more potentially dangerous places to find gluten lurking is in a restaurant kitchen, which is true primarily for 2 reasons. First, there is a level of ignorance around which products are safe for gluten-sensitive folks, and second, because great care with food handling has to occur to reduce the risk of cross contamination in any kitchen.

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