John Pinette is an actor and comedian who seems to be on an effort to clean up his diet, and was apparently diagnosed as wheat sensitive. He has some hilarious clips about his journey along this path, poking fun at vegans in a clip about buying 10 pound bags of almonds to make a vegan burger, but the one below cracks me up since I live this life every day.

John makes light of the fact that he was told by Doctors to avoid wheat and gluten, and when he checks out the list of what gluten is found in, he seems to think its nearly impossible to manage.

“Do you eat a lot of gluten? I don’t know what gluten is, but I would say Yes. I’m fairly certain I’m mostly gluten.” He continues on –  “Do you know what has gluten in it? Everything! Check again, maybe it’s just Cancer – how am I going to live?”

John Pinette: Still Hungry “Gluten” Clip

Yes John, it’s a challenging life to live, but thanks to so many amazing efforts by people to produce safe products, raise awareness and help us live safe lives, it’s absolutely manageable. Not only is it manageable, but it’s the only way I would choose to live! We’re happily gluten-free, and raising a healthy, active and loving gluten-free child.

Life is good, even when gluten-free. I might even say it’s good because we’re gluten-free 🙂