Think you don’t like or need Coconut Water? Perhaps you think it’s just another latest craze? Nick Garcia, Holistic Nutritionist, shares his thoughts on why it’s a must-have for everyone (and sheds light on why Hawaiians are never thirsty 🙂

coconut-waterThe Many Benefits of Coconut Water

Most people think I’m crazy when I recommend coconut water over regular water. You may be thinking “but, we are mostly composed of water, NOT coconut water” or “don’t the experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water per day?”

These are common questions I receive when recommending coconut water. In this article, I will reveal the 4 BEST reasons to drink MORE coconut water (and maybe second guess the regular water you are currently drinking).

It not only satisfies thirst but invigorates the body and brings about a sense of well-being and renewed health. I encourage women who are pregnant or nursing to consume as there are many beneficial minerals and nutrients for a healthy mom and baby.

Coconut water contains a variety of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, growth factors, and other nutrients.

Coconut Water > Water

The one substance in coconut water that makes it healthier than water is…

Well, before I give you the benefits of coconut water I want to clear a few things up:

1.)    Today’s drinking water is not created equal compared to the drinking water of 1000 years ago.

2.)    Our bodies are WAY more toxic than they were 1000 years ago.

3.)    I am not going to tell you to ONLY drink coconut water.

So, if you drink toxic, not so ideal water in a toxic, not so ideal body, well I’ll just say that two toxics don’t make a detox!

Hawaiians Are NEVER Thirsty

Hawaiians refer to coconut water as “noelani” or “dew from the heavens” and I must agree, coconut water is quite heavenly.

Have you ever heard a Hawaiian say “I’m thirsty”? Me neither, although I’ve never been to Hawaii…or met anyone from there, but I assume they have amazing coconut water there.

I choose and over all recommend coconut water over most water for a few different reasons. 1.)

1.)    Electrolytes: Coconut water contains electrolytes superior to normal water. Minerals: Magnesium, Calcium, and Potassium are in abundance in coconut water. One fascinating property of coconut water vs. normal water is that the electrolyte content closely resembles that of human blood plasma, your blood plasma, as I’m fairly certain ONLY humans read this blog.

The quality of most the tap and bottled water we consume is inferior to coconut water, as distilled water is stripped of almost all mineral activity and tap water is full of outside toxins. By consuming hydrating liquids that promote a positive electrolyte balance your “requirement” for water lowers, since your “intake” (of electrolytes) increases. Simple and delicious.

2.)    Organ Health: Organ health is vital for all metabolic functions to work optimally, including fat loss and overall health. Does coconut water positively affect the organs? Why, yes it does:

  • Heart health, by increasing overall blood circulation and reducing arterial plaque damage
  • Reproductive health, through increased blood flow, blood sugar, and stress hormone reduction
  • Kidneys, electrolyte balance is crucial for kidney health
  • Bladder, reducing bladder infection through healthy kidney promotion
  • Brain, providing adequate blood glucose to enter. The brain ONLY uses glucose for energy, coconut water contains the “perfect” sugars

If you can think of ANY other organ or organ system I failed to mention, you better believe coconut water can improve the function.

3.)    Increase Workout Effectiveness: Coconut water can be enjoyed as a pre-workout drink, during and post-workout for energy and recovery. Assuming not consuming any calories around your workout will burn the fat that you currently have, will result in the opposite. Exercise, especially exercise that is actually beneficial, like resistance training, requires FUEL = Food = Calories = Coconut Water.

Maintaining proper and balanced blood sugar levels before, during, and after a workout will increase your ability to burn excess fat, build lean muscle, and feel great (endorphins!).

The calories in coconut water flow in your blood stream quickly and efficiently by entering the cells providing energy (ATP) to fuel your workout and recover from your workout.

*Side Note: People with low blood sugar issues can improve glucose levels with a few swigs of coconut water.

4.)    CYTOKININS: The one thing that makes coconut water healthier than water is…CYTOKININS. I’m literally yelling this word, which is why I am typing in upper-case.

What the heck are Cytokinins?

Cytokinins regulate certain cellular functions that reduce damage to the mitochondria of the cell. Remember, we are made up of trillions of cells that die and regenerate every day without even realizing it, this is essentially how and why we age.

Any way you can slow down the process of free radical production, the substances that cause cellular damage and oxidative stress you can age slower, more gracefully, and more importantly healthier.

The possibilities are endless!

I generally avoid brands that are “Made From Concentrate” as well as actively drink 100% coconut water that is “Pulp-Free.” The pulp CAN be disruptive to digestion, which slows down during workouts and times of stress.

Any questions, comments, concerns, etc…holla at me in the comment section!

-Nick, Your Wellness Coach/Chef

P.S. MY favorite brands of coconut water are C2O, Amy and Brian’s, and ONE.

P.P.S If you think (or know) you don’t like coconut water, try the flavored brands like ONE, with added pineapple flavor/juice. Many people seem to “tolerate” these until they can acquire a taste for straight from the coconut, coconut water.


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