This recipe was sent to me by a friend who happens to know that I don’t love soy and avoid it as much as possible. It’s so nice to have friends who are on the look out for healthy, allergy-free friendly options that suit not only our health needs, but our personal beliefs as well.  So here’s a soy free, vegan friendly ground “beef” recipe found on Vegnews.

As the author suggests, this recipe will work great in place of any standard ground beef needs, including on top of fresh gluten-free pasta or lasagna, tacos, salads and more. I’ve linked out to the full recipe below, so be sure to check it out and let me know your thoughts once you make it!

You’ll never guess what the ‘beef’ is made from. I love inspired chefs who figure out how to create healthy and yummy alternatives based upon personal beliefs and/or health restrictions!

One quick note – I would switch out the Braggs for Coconut Aminos to be truly soy free. Enjoy!

Soy Free Vegan Ground Beef from










Live inspired, Jen