I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. Sometimes I think it’s a fascinating tool that’s made keeping in touch with friends and family members much easier than ever, allowing us to customize the level of contact we have and probably keeping some relationships which would either fade away, or erupt in an explosive fight, alive.  Simply because we can see each others feeds.

Other times I feel like it’s a voyeur’s dream scenario and it bothers me in a Big Brother sort of way.

Today I love it because I caught a post on a ‘friends’ page about the Dr Oz segment on the true signs of a Gluten Sensitivity.

He and Dr. Amy Meyers (also from Austin) debunk many common myths about symptoms of a gluten-sensitivity and help explain why so many of us suffering from signs like fatigue, weight gain, migraine, brain fog and joint pain may just be dealing with inflammation caused by gluten.

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