What do you get when you cross a fuel saving hybrid with a large plastic banana? A bananamobile of course!

If you live in the Austin or Dallas Fort Worth areas, and you aren’t yet buying from Greenling, you’re missing out on some of the freshest and best tasting local produce, delivered to your door! Currently, Greenling delivers to Austin and San Antonio with plans for Houston on the horizon, and according to the founder, Mason Arnold, they don’t plan to stop there.  Ultimately, he would like to expand the service nationwide.

“We’ve developed a system that’s a just-in-time inventory, so it reduces the time it takes for food to get from the farm to the table by more than half,” Arnold says. “We’re delivering a more nutritious product, and we’re able to deliver it much faster. We think everyone in the nation should have this available.”

But Greenling is not just about local produce. In fact, they are about fresh, healthy and delicious food. Period.

From their Local Box, which is delivered weekly and packed with the freshest local produce you can imagine, to their fully stocked online shop, you can browse from hundreds of products, including many gluten-free options! I’ve sampled some of their brands, and will follow up with product reviews this week, so until then, here are some quick tips on how to start taking advantage of their amazing services.  And remember, everything Greenling sells is either Certified Organic, or locally sourced and sustainably grown. So you can feel good about the food you’re eating, thanks to Greenling.


Connecting you with local farmers, every week!

With their Local Box, Greenling connects you with the freshest, best produce you can find. Local Boxes are delivered either weekly or twice monthly, bringing you farm fresh foods, delivered to your door, for about the same price as you would pay in the grocery store. And the best part? Your dollars stay local and help farmers continue to farm Organically, helping you to feel better and keeping all the harmful side effects of non-organic farming away from your table.

Greenling’s partner farmers are all local, Organic Texas farmers. Check out their list of featured local farmers  here.


In a hurry, or not much of a chef? Let Greenling do the work for you!


Be sure to check out their prepackaged meal plans;  listed  as “Recipe Kits”, these little guys are super handy and include apps, 1 Meal, 2 Meal, juicing, breakfast kits and more. Greenling has done a fantastic job of covering many special dietary needs, and they don’t disappoint to that effect with their Recipe Kits either. You can browse the ingredients on their kits here, and while they don’t currently have it broken down by gluten-free options, I’m  happy to say that they have plans to build a criteria to search by ‘gluten-free” items soon!

Healthy, allergy-free friendly Shop

Looking for healthy, fresh and delicious foods from local companies? Once again, Greenling doesn’t disappoint! With hundreds of products lovingly made by local companies, Greenling features some of the tastiest homemade products we’ve tried. With Vegan, gluten-free bread that my son devoured, to a gluten-free brownie that my husband swore was the best he’s tried yet, their products are fresh, healthy and delicious.

Browse their gluten-free items in the shop here; be sure to choose “Shop” then “Grocery” and you will see the image for gluten free items on the next page.

Here’s a snapshot of the menu option listing their gluten-free items:

So head on over to Greenling now, and sign up to view their amazing local and delicious selections today! Note that the Local Boxes are delivered on either a weekly or bi-weely schedule, but you can shop any of their other items as often as you like.

Here’s a quick video of Greenling’s founder, Mason Arnold sharing why he founded Greenling, and what shopping with Greenling does to help ensure better health, better farming practices, and safer food conditions.


Still have questions? Check out these quick tips on Greenling’s Local Box from their site:

What is a Local Box, anyway?

Our Local Box is a weekly changing selection of seasonal, sustainably grown produce, fresh from local farms! You’ll receive 8-10 different local fruits and veggies, along with a list of where they came from and suggestions on how to use them. More on the Local Box here.

What if we don’t deliver to your zip code?

Oh noes! We’re sorry about that. We track every zip code entered so we can gauge interest when we are ready to expand our delivery area. Perhaps try a friend or family member’s address that might be able to accept the order for you?

When will I get my Local Box?

Your delivery day is determined by your zip code – in order to route as sustainably as possible, we visit each area of town once per week. Once you create your account, we’ll let you know your next available delivery day, and you can choose a later date if you’d like. More on delivery specifics here.


Hopefully you’ve already stopped reading this and headed over to Greenling by now, but if not, please go now – you will thank me for it later!