As we watched the Summer Olympics of 2012 unfold these past couple of weeks, I couldn’t help but be moved by how inspiring the athletes are. Inspiration is a big thing around here – it’s engraved on a welcome message at our front door, it’s the motivation behind this site, and it’s what keeps us all going in the face of defeat.

When I was often bed ridden, struggling to get around, faced with doctors telling me they didn’t know what was wrong with me and couldn’t help me, lost my job and my family was scared for me, I had little else to motivate me to overcome and bounce back then my son and husband’s faces.   It was in their eyes that I found the help to keep plugging away; to try alternative doctors and methods of healing, to research my symptoms even though I couldn’t understand most of what I was reading (the brain fog was unbearable), and to let go and just believe in things I couldn’t understand, but hoped would help me.

It’s in that level of belief and faith that I think we truly discover Inspiration. True inspiration is something you feel deep down, to the depths of your soul. It’s what helps you to pick up the pieces of a shattered life and move forward.  

And it’s what helped the Olympians face all the struggles – missed friends, family and generally all things fun that other kids indulge in. While most kids their age are out playing, annoying their parents, ditching chores and responsibilities, and generally doing a great job of being hormonal teenagers, these Olympic contenders were dedicated, disciplined and inspired by their goals of being an Olympian. And they did it, with the help, love and sacrifice of their families. 

So in honor of all those who faced their fears and lived inspired by their goals, I ask you; what will you to inspire your children?