Raising an 8 year old comes with all sorts of challenges; silent prayers when he flies through the air tackling his opponents in football, conscious choices of which foods to send in his lunchbox, nightly bed time routines, play dates, encouraging

responsibility and protecting him without stifling his curiosity, among so many others. This is an age where I’m acutely aware of his innocence weaning and he is becoming a little person who will soon take on more responsibility, both in school and at home.  And with that added responsibility comes an awareness of how important the food choices we make are, and the supplements that we give our children are vital to their development. And while most kids will choose a cookie over cauliflower any day, it’s our job as parents to make sure we’re giving them the proper vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive.

So, I’ve put together a list of the top recommended vitamins and supplements for children; as always, check with your doctor or other professional if you feel best doing so prior to starting a new vitamin and supplement routine for your child.