Punch Fear in the Face!

There are so many reasons I love this. When I was first diagnosed with an auto-immune condition, adrenal fatigue, hormonal and vitamin deficiencies and various other not-so-fun stuff, I was scared. When doctors told me they didn’t know what else to test me for, and wanted to give me tons of meds to quiet the symptoms instead of address the true causes, I was scared. When I lost my job because I couldn’t function anymore, I was terrified.

And then I found someone who helped me understand what was wrong, and made me believe I could heal. And I decided to punch fear in the face :)Every now and then it tries to creep in, and I push it away, in favor of embracing hope, love and peace with my new life.


Embrace Hope & Love

This is what keeps me going when I start to get scared, or wonder how long this journey to better health will last. When well-intentioned friends and loved ones tell me to just find a “regular” doctor who can help figure out what’s wrong, and expect there to be a magical pill that can help me heal, I choose to smile, thank them, and embrace hope and love.
I believe that one day, I will full heal. I believe I will no longer struggle with lingering symptoms of a weakened digestive, endocrine and hormonal system. I believe I will be strong enough to bring another child to the world. I believe I can be successful in my chosen career again. I believe I can do all of this because I’m dedicated to getting healthy.