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We're not super foodies here. We're busy working full time jobs and raising healthy kiddos, so our recipes will focus on quick meals that you can turn out in 30 minutes or less. Quick, allergy-free and delicious. Yum.

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Kids can be picky. And let's face it, so can adults. So we're sharing reviews of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) products so you can save time, money and effort. We've got you covered.

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Woody Harrelson Shares a Powerful Video: Thoughts From Within

From war to GMOs, Woody Harrelson shares his thoughts on what life today is really about.


FED UP is the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see

Having a blog is a labor of love – there’s not any money in it unless you focus on it more than I’m able to, and since my life is...


Hey gelato lovers in the Austin area – you’ll want to check this out!

One of my favorite desserts, and probably the only dairy-filled one I would ever cheat with, is gelato. So when I found out there’s a Gelato World Tour and it...


Photoshopped model appears on the Ellen Show and proves she has very long arms

You know those models with unrealistic bodies? The ones we stare at, often longingly, on a magazine cover wondering why our body can’t look more like hers. And while you’re...


Review of Van’s Gluten Free Crackers, Say Cheese!

For most of our friends, packing a healthy school lunch that your kids actually enjoy is a challenge. From complaints of gluten-free bread not being soft and missing out on...

8 beers to avoid

High fructose corn syrup, GMO corn and fish bladders in 8 beers you should avoid

Apparently one of America’s favorite beverages is not free from the ingredients scrutiny we put on food over here, but since I don’t drink beer it’s not often on my...


Tips on safe travels for nut allergy sufferers

Do you, or someone you know suffer from a nut allergy? With the rise of food allergies today, it’s easy for people to become numb to the very real dangers...

what if - hell yeah

How food affects our mood, and may help fight anxiety

Thanks to our guess author,  Ryan Rivera, for this review of some powerful anxiety-fighting foods, and some quick recipes that you can use to incorporate them into your food routines. 5...


Our favorite gluten-free, vegan ice cream, Nada Moo!, launches two new flavors

A local favorite of ours is Nada Moo!, a gluten-free, vegan ice cream option made of coconut milk. They focus on all natural ingredients and since they’re sweetened with agave...

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The Great Indulgence Chocolate Festival Coming to Central Market

In honor of Valentines day, and our intense love of chocolate, we’re passing along this note from Central Market about upcoming chocolate festivities this month… The Great Indulgence Chocolate Festival...

How to stay healthy when living gluten-free

How to stay healthy when living gluten-free

For years now our family has avoided gluten; after struggling my entire life with sickness, poor thyroid function, adrenal issues, stomach aches, headaches, fatigue and more. It might seem surprising...


Paleo Survival Recipe—Pizza Peppers

Guest writer, Elissa, shares her favorite Paleo pizza creation with us. Thanks Elissa – we can’t wait to try this one!  When beginning with Paleo I was overwhelmed.  What was...