Fed Up movie

Eye opening movie, Fed Up hits theaters today

‘The conventional wisdom about food and exercise over the past thirty years has been dead wrong.’ If you’re at all concerned with the rising rates of childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes and if the fact that we’re the first generation predicted to live shorter life spans than our parents, this is a movie you can’t miss. Narrated by Katie Couric, Fed… Read more →


What it’s like to live with Thyroiditis/Hashimotos Disease

Ok, so as if “gluten” isn’t an annoying enough word that has invaded my daily vocabulary, I also have to claim this one: Hashimoto’s Disease.  My dumb luck, I have an auto immune condition that my friends can’t quite remember and almost always ask me about the “kawasaki” disease. Like the motorcycle. Hashimoto’s disease, also called chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis or autoimmune thyroiditis, is a form… Read more →

healthy lunch ideas

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

I prepped these tips for an event at our son’s elementary school. It’s the brain-child of a good friend of ours, and I’m excited to be a part of it. The concept it simple: get kids and families thinking about how to live a healthy life. It starts with you, and ends with the community. Like many things in life,… Read more →

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Common sources of hidden gluten

In case you’re not aware, we recently launched an online store (called Happybelly) featuring our favorite certified gluten-free products that are safe and delicious for those of us with food sensitivities. We’ve added several hundred more products that include snacks, vitamins, protein blends, haircare, skincare, cosmetics and more – we couldn’t be more excited! Every once in a while we’ll… Read more →

paleo sauces

Our favorite Paleo dressing and sauce recipes

Whether you’re new to a low sugar, gluten-free or Paleo diet or been at it for a while, figuring out how to spice up your dishes can be a daunting task. Sometimes we get bored or lazy when prepping food, or we simply just forget about those we loved. So to keep it all in one place, here are some… Read more →


FED UP is the film the food industry doesn’t want you to see

Having a blog is a labor of love – there’s not any money in it unless you focus on it more than I’m able to, and since my life is about balancing the good and bad stresses, I’ve chosen to post infrequently and about things that make me happy. So, when I get the occasional “press” invite to an upcoming… Read more →


Review of Van’s Gluten Free Crackers, Say Cheese!

For most of our friends, packing a healthy school lunch that your kids actually enjoy is a challenge. From complaints of gluten-free bread not being soft and missing out on school lunches, most parents I know have heard it all. So when Van’s sent us a pack of their newest addition to the gluten-free packaged products, we were happy to… Read more →