You know those models with unrealistic bodies? The ones we stare at, often longingly, on a magazine cover wondering why our body can’t look more like hers. And while you’re staring, you notice something seems a little off. How exactly is her torso twisted that way? And is it possible  to have such a huge gap between her arm and waist, while her arm hangs beside her body? Maybe it is possible for there to be such a huge gap between a woman’s thighs?

You know the ones we mean, right?  So it wasn’t a surprise when we heard about the mix up on the latest Target ad photoshopped model debacle.

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It seems Target may need to reevaluate their hiring requirements in the graphics department. Watch the model as she appears on the Ellen Show to clear things up for us. Was it truly unrealistic Photoshopping, or can women actually look like this? Get the answer with a side of funny, as only Ellen can deliver.