One of my favorite new indulgences, Birchbox, is a monthly subscription program that sends a unique selection of various beauty samples to your door for a low monthly fee of only $10. Normally I find the samples to be a fun way to try products I might normally otherwise not have heard of, thought occasionally they include something that I don’t particularly care for. While I’m not sure that they are featuring this new product in the next month’s shipment, they wrote a piece about it on their blog, and I found it interesting as it relates to whether our bodies would actually absorb vitamins topically.As I don’t yet have the “ask the experts” panel live, I don’t have an expert to post this to for their opinions, but I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I have copied a snippet of Birchbox’spost below, and you can click the image to link out to the full article.Let me know what you think as to whether this has the potential to be an effective means for the delivery of vitamins and minerals. I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical, though I always appreciate a new and innovative way for ensuring optimal health. Perhaps for those of us who don’t like pills, and can’t stomach the taste of liquid vitamins, this may be a health bonus wrapped in a perfect little spray on package 🙂

The Latest Skin Treatment: Spraying On Your Vitamins

Spray tan outlet Suvara in New York, a favorite of celebs like Iman and Jessica Simpson, is now offering a new way to get your vitamins — in a spray.The treatment, called Ageless, uses a vitamin mixture that’s misted on spray-tan-style to give your face and body a healthy glow. The formula contains Vitamins A and C (for anti-aging, anti-cellulite, and cellular renewal), B12 and B5 (for boosting and protecting), and E and F (for moisturizing) along with larch tree extract and organic aloe vera. Overall positive effects include faded sun spots, reduced fine lines and wrinkles, along with hydrated and well-nourished skin.
So tell me, do you think it’s possible to absorb necessary vitamins through a spray-on method? Take our quiz below, and let us know your thoughts on this topic.