I used to hear the word cleanse and immediately worry about the process; I was nervous about whether I could stick to it, how could I manage juicing and raw foods while at work? Would the hubs be supportive?  Would I be satisfied, or feel hungry the whole time?

I remember the first cleanse I ever tried was 4 years ago.  It was a horribly unstructured cleanse ordered by my doctor to address poor adrenal and liver function and help get my digestive system back on track. I stumbled through it, not prepared, and didn’t fully understand how to take advantage of the tools and support that was available to me. So needless to say, my first experience was a bust.

Fortunately, I didn’t let that define my opinions of a cleanse.

And over time, after several more successful attempts than the first one,  I’ve learned that those were all issues I created in my mind as a way of avoiding the process.

What does a cleanse do for me?

Eating raw foods and consuming an abundance of fresh leafy veggies and fruits through juicing give me a sense of energy and awareness that I don’t have otherwise.  I wake up refreshed, I have an easier time at work, my emotions feel more balanced and I sleep better at night.

I’m happier, more energized and any hints of anxiety or emotional ups and downs are gone.


Who am I choosing for the next cleanse?

Recently I discovered an amazing group of people who are passionate about helping people transform their lives through healthy eating and better lifestyle choices. They believe in helping us get to the root of our health issues through cleansing programs that strengthen the body, help kill of bacteria and metal toxicities and just generally make you feel great 🙂

I discovered them while in Whole Foods one day looking for a chocolate treat I could eat – it had to be gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and organic. And like the incredibly knowledgeable staff at Whole Foods often do, they were able to guide me to a product that would rock my world.  These incredible Chocolate Goddess Clusters remind me of a dense macaroon, since they’re lacking the light and flaky shredded coconut texture.

We handed samples out recently at a healthy fair event, and all but 1 person who sampled them, raved about them. She told me she doesn’t like coconut at all- since that’s one of the ingredients, you can detect a hint of it, but adults and kids all agree the flavor is more of a subtle chocolate, less coconut and all around amazing 🙂 You can click this image below and head over to their store online to pick them up – I highly recommend you do.

So when I started researching New Earth to learn about their other products, I discovered a cleanse they were putting on for a Spring Jumpstart. Since it’s been about 2 years since I’ve done a structured cleanse, I decided to go ahead and register for this one. It happens to be held here in Austin, but the content is available online, and there are skype sessions and call ins also available.

If you’re interested in joining me on the cleanse, here are some details on what are included…

5 Simple Steps to Begin your 10-Day Cleanse:

Step 1:  Purchase your 10-Day Program here. Enter the date you choose to receive your first email. Remember to download your 10% off coupon at the end of your purchase.
(You’ll receive 2 days of preparation emails, then have 3 days to preare before your official first day of your cleanse.)

Step 2:  Read your “Prepare” and Raw Recipe eBooks (you will receive your eBooks after your purchase and receive them in your Day 2 email).

Step 3:  Follow the precise instructions included in your “Prepare for your Jump Start Cleanse” eBook.

Step 4:  Start your 10-Day Cleanse – your daily emails contain videos, special reports, and recommendations to keep you inspired and motivated.

Step 5:  Stay focused:  stay committed to your Jump Start Cleanse! Even if you make changes along the way, you will feel an awesome sense of accomplishment when you make a commitment to yourself, stay focused, and WIN by completing your cleanse.

What’s included in the 10-Day Program?

  • 24 page eBook, “Prepare for your Jump Start Cleanse”
  • Jump Start Raw Recipe eBook with 52 Cleansing Recipes from 13 Raw Chefs all over the World
  • Optional Personalized New Earth Coaching Sessions from one of the Expert New Earth Mentors
  • New Earth Coupon Code for 10% Off EVERYTHING IN THEIR STORE!
  • 12 emails to educate, motivate, and inspire you to rejuvenate with raw foods and juices! (you receive 2 emails to assist in preparation, then you will receive an email each day during your 10-day cleanse)
  • AND 7 Videos of Live Classes, Juicing Demos, & Presentations educating you step-by-step throughout your 10-Day Program
  • You will receive our professionally recorded Videos in your inbox every day during your 10-Day Program

In their Exclusive Recorded Classes and Live Presentations filmed in Austin you’ll see:

  • Live Panel Discussion from Joe Cross, Arttemis Keszainn, Brendan Brazier, and Dan Marek
  • Powerful insights on the 5 Systems of Detoxification and how to best support them
  • Over 20 years of knowledge and experience on the Powerful Healing Properites of Living Clay
  • Affirmations and The Healing Power of the Spoken Word from New Earth Center
  • The Benefits of Juicing and Live Juicing Demo – with special guidance and tips on how to use the Omega 8005 & Omega Vert
  • Chef Alicia Ojeda’s Live Food Demo at the Natural Epicurean, featuring Raw Blended Soups for Cleansing

**Special Bonus: Purchase your 10-Day Raw Food & Juice Cleanse and Receive Your Coupon Code for 10% Savings in their Online Store!**


How do you register?

You can click here to visit their site and register, and take advantage of a 10% discount for our readers! Simply enter code Z Healthy and you’ll save 10% off the fee!

I hope to see you joining me on the cleanse Monday, and please be sure to comment below if you sign up so I can look for you 🙂