When we made the move to Austin a little over a year ago, it was one of the hottest summers on record. We consistently beat the record for the number of days over 100 degrees, topping it off with more than 113 days and a record high of 111 degrees. And while you typically spend the first few months of a new town getting adjusted to the city, exploring the sites, discovering the wonders and unique aspects of it, we spent most every day in a local pool or watering hole so we could keep cool. And while we did manage to explore the local eats, it wasn’t until it cooled down a bit that I felt like truly discovering the many amazing eateries that help make Austin such a fun, eclectic and fabulous town.  I’ve written in the past about the Austin Food Cart scene, and the abundance of gluten free restaurants here, but until now I haven’t yet focused on the meat-free restaurants gracing our quaint little town.  And while I appreciate the importance of a plant based diet, and definitely eat my fair share of veggies, I don’t live a vegan life, so I was happy to stumble across this list from Food Republic of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Austin.

I know how amazing our little city is, but there are plenty of you out there who have never been, and have no idea how wonderfully supportive Austin is. Yes, it’s a foodie town packed with its fair share of BBQ and Tex Mex joints, but as this list below shows, Austin is a fabulous supporter of meat-free living. I mean, how many other cities can you go to an African food cart, and ask for a Paleo salad which was full of fresh spinach, roasted lamb and delicious raw veggies? Ok, that’s not exactly a Vegan example, but I could have left off the lamb and it would have been equally as divine. 

So without any more delay, here’s the list from Food Republic complete with site links and contact info so you can check them out!

Clockwise: The Meltdown (faux tuna) at Counter Culture, vegan donuts at Red Rabbit bakery, wraps at Conscious Cravings, a late night stop at Arlo’s.