I remember as a kid my parents would spread the Sunday paper out on the kitchen table and go through it looking for coupons and discounts to clip and save. My mom had a little accordion folder that she kept them all in, categorizing the coupons so she could easily find them when we got to the store. And while I’m not a coupon cutter myself, I certainly appreciate a savings whenever I can find one! And thanks to our modern approach to life these days, it’s much easier to organize and find the coupons you need to help save some extra cash. And who doesn’t like that?!

So we’re happy to say we’ve partnered with Coupons.com to bring you a whole slew of coupons to help you save. Unfortunately we can’t quite eliminate some of the categories we don’t necessarily love, such as the ones for processed foods, cookies, etc., but we’re willing to overlook those in exchange for making sure you have access to the savings you need.

With allergy-free and healthy food costs on the rise, every little bit you can save on other products such as vitamins, hair care, cleaning products and more helps! So head on over to our page here and check out the savings.  

Note that you will have to install the printer from Coupons.com before you can print the coupons, but it only takes a second to do! Once installed you can go back to the page and print all highlighted coupons. 

So click here to check out our newest addition to InspiredEats – we hope you find it helpful!