Growing up in Florida, and now living in Texas, I’m fully aware of the need for sunscreen. It’s in my face moisturizer that I apply throughout the day and I use Kiss My Face SPF on our arms, necks, ears and any exposed areas. I’m especially careful when we leave the house on the weekends knowing that we’ll be outside playing and might forget to reapply. Still, sometimes I wonder if that’s enough? Could I be more diligent? Should I be more diligent?

Of course, there’s the opposite side of the argument that says we use too much SPF which filters out all the positive benefits from the sun’s  vital source of Vitamin D. I don’t know, but this topic sometimes feels like another situation where it’s hard to know which way is winning, but I always choose the SPF route because I figure you can supplement with Vitamins.

So when I see Hugh Jackman posting another picture of himself announcing his skin cancer came back, it makes me think about our SPF habits. Here’s a guy who’s talked a lot about loving the outdoors, living near the beach in Australia and probably has a very similar lifestyle to ours. Lakes, pools, parks and beaches – always sun exposed.


“Another Basel Cell Carcinoma,” Jackman told his Instagram followers Thursday as he posted a photo of himself with a bandage on his nose. “All out now. Thanks Dr. Albom and Dr. Arian. PLEASE! PLEASE! WEAR SUNSCREEN!”

And since my husband is always on the ball field coaching our son on scorching hot ball parks, I’m going to make sure I put some sunscreen on his neck, which is always sun exposed. And I’ll be extra careful about reapplying on our little guy’s face, neck and ears.  Cancer is scary. And sucks.

Hugh Jackman

Featured on Hugh Jackman’s Instagram page