It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything as I hit one of those ‘blocks’ when you have too many things running through your mind, and instead of tackling them one at a time, I was instead overwhelmed by them all and got nothing done ūüôā Something tells me I’m not alone in this one, so I though what better way to jumpstart myself than to share this struggle.

At lunch today I was chatting¬†with¬†a friend, and it turned out that while he was going through something similar, he had some good words of advice for me (and I’m paraphrasing here); “So¬†get off your butt and get 1 thing done”. ¬†That’s not all he said, but that’s the BIG point I took away. To stop worrying about getting every little thing I¬†have¬†planned done right, and¬†just¬†get 1 thing done. Will it be the best version I can do? Probably not. Will it matter? No. What will matter is that I can start to feel that sense of¬†accomplishment¬†that comes with success, no matter how big or small the success is.¬†

So today I have a picture to share with you as I head off to get my 1 thing done today; I found it on Pinterest (for those of you¬†without¬†any account please email me and I’ll send you an invite – you will love it!). ¬†My email is myinspiredeats at¬†

I hope this helps you to find your inspiration and get your 1 thing done today!