As New Years nears, and Christmas and Hanukkah loom in our recent past, I find myself searching the web for suggestions on gluten and dairy free recipe ideas to keep the family excited about our allergen-free eating.

As I do, I remember the wholesome and delicious meal my amazingly supportive husband prepared for us. He whipped up a complete gluten free meal for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I simply avoided the couple of items that weren’t grain free (hard as it was to turn down his home-made corn bread stuffing!) and instead to chose to enjoy the creamy (and dairy-free) butternut squash soup we started with, and moved on to the juicy turkey (soaked in a gluten-free brine) and  gluten-free collard greens. Gone are the days of mashed potatoes, twice baked potatoes or hot rolls, but so are the uncomfortable post-meal bloating, gas and fatigue! I promise you one thing – you’re choosing a healthier and delicious new way of life that will leave you feeling satisfied without any of the discomfort afterwards.

So go ahead and opt for seconds; you won’t spend the rest of the night passed out in the lazy boy missing out on time with the family. Bon Apetit!