In case you’re not aware, we recently launched an online store (called Happybelly) featuring our favorite certified gluten-free products that are safe and delicious for those of us with food sensitivities. We’ve added several hundred more products that include snacks, vitamins, protein blends, haircare, skincare, cosmetics and more – we couldn’t be more excited! Every once in a while we’ll post something on Happybelly’s blog that’s worth sharing with you here, and this post is a great example of that. So check out this post from our sister site Happybelly Box today and please share it with your loved ones so they can be reminded too!

From Happybelly….

‘As someone who’s learned to live gluten-free by stumbling my way through reading labels, researching products online and making plenty of calls to manufacturers and restaurants, I know first-hand how important it is to be reminded of where gluten may be hiding.

gluten free logoIf you’re like many of us who are gluten-free, you’re still enjoying some of the same things you’ve grown up loving, but in it’s gluten-free version now. From cookies, breads, muffins, pretzels and crackers, the gluten-free market has virtually exploded over the last few years, bringing us more options than we ever dreamed likely to happen. And while the abundance of options has made it much easier for those of you who choose not to give up your old favorites, there are some things you should know before you grab your next gluten-free goodie.’ Click here to read more!