cricket flour

Did you know that it takes hundreds of gallons of water and millions of acres to raise animals to produce the meat we eat today?  Experts say that by 2050 we may literally have run out.

It’s just not sustainable.

So guess what food source could feed billions at little cost and help us reclaim land? According to Megan Miller, it’s a cricket, and if she has her way they will become the new flour source of choice to help replace our insanely high meat consumption. No, she’s not yet suggesting we switch to a plate full of crickets to replace our current protein sources, but she’s suggesting we may get there one day.

Megan’s argument rests on people wanting a fixed amount of protein and while some might argue that we consume much more protein than we actually need to survive, I agree that we need a better way to get the billions of people on this planet the protein they want.

And Megan has a pretty inventive way of getting us there.

Now to figure out what the creatures that feed on crickets will have to do once we begin eating all the crickets…