Biggest Loser motivation…

As I sit here working on the site, I’m watching the season finale of the Biggest Loser, and I’m always motivated by the journey these contestants have made. Looking back at my health journal, I read through days when I struggled to get out of bed, was limited in social activities due to gastric symptoms, and I remember what it was like to be ruled by poor health. While I never knew what it was to be as heavy as these contestants, I know what it is to feel like you’re just not sure how you’re going to make it through the day. So in honor of the Biggest Loser, and of the incredible journey these contestants make, I encourage you to challenge yourself to giving up gluten, grains and dairy for 1 month. Just 1 month of a healthier lifestyle and I promise you will look and feel better. By eliminating the most common food allergens, you will help your body heal, and discover what a clean way of eating will do to help your mood, energy and overall well being!

They have yet to reveal the season winner, but I guarantee you that armed with the knowledge of how to eat right, exercise and overcome the battle with food, they are all winners. And if you decide to go ahead with your allergen-free life, you will feel like a winner too 🙂 Take it from me, I know first-hand!

In good health and strong will!