So I began working on the site this week, after I finally decided to pull together all the many resources I was referencing daily to help support and guide me through a new grain free life. I think its coming together well, and I’m realizing just how many different sites and authors are online that I was referencing! There truly are so many wonderful cooking sites, nutritional and health-focused sites, naturapathic and medical doctors, etc who have made it their mission to help people with food based allergies live a healthy and delicios life!

I hope you will find my site to be a helpful tool to use in compiling all of these for you. I’ve learned so much in the last few years as I’ve made my way through the gluten-free lifestyle, and finally ending up here, in a grain and dairy free life. Like many of you reading this, I was afraid of the unknown, and couldn’t imagine a lifestyle that would be so alienating (or so I thought!).

A few years ago I would have considered this a dull lifestyle and dreaded eating out, holiday parties, family dinners, etc, but with the help and support of my friends, family and so many wonderful online resources, I’ve found a way to not only live, but love, living a healthy lifestyle! So my advice to you, is to find those friends and family members who will help support you, and embrace their help! Don’t feel guilty for being a little more high-maintenance at restaurants, and definitely don’t feel bad for choosing the path that will help you heal. Your loved ones will be happier with the happier you, thanks to the new-found health and wonderful effects of living free of the foods that caused you such physical and emotional pain.

To happy and healthy living!